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Purchase and sale of horses

Selling a horse can often be an emotional and time-consuming activity. Most people also don’t know how to handle everything, and that’s why horses don’t always get the right appreciation. Think about bad pictures or videos, an untrained horse, … Horseworld Stables is specialized in buying and selling your horse in the best conditions.

How we do this:

First, we will ask you to send us some pictures, video and information about the horses. If it seems appropriate for sale, we will ask you to bring us a visit so we can evaluate the horses actions. If this is positive too, we will present a plan of approach for the sale. If both parties agree, we can start the sales process.

We do have a few demands for the horse. He/she must be healthy. They also have to be in the right price/quality ratio.

The horses that stay with us to be sold enjoy the best care and leave their stables at least twice daily. This way they can be introduced as a happy horse to their new potential owner.

Of course this can’t be free. The price depends on the situation (and will be discussed when you visit us with your horse), but for a target price, feel free to contact us.



Foaling your mare

Not everyone has the possibility to follow up on a pregnant mare for the last month. For some of them, their busy schedule doesn’t allow for sleepless nights. Others may deal with a large home-stables distance. Normally, birth goes well, and their will be a healthy foal in the box the next morning. But sometimes it can go wrong. At this time it’s important to offer help as quickly as possible. This issue doesn’t have to stop you from foaling your mare, though. We can offer you:

  • Large boxes with daily upkeep
  • power feed twice / day for the strength of your mare
  • twice / day hay
  • daily grazing
  • follow-up of your mare via birthalarm
  • follow-up by our veterinarian (costs for the owner)

Most of the mares join our stables 2 weeks before the calculated birth date. This way we can get to know the mare en observe changes in her behaviour. mares have to be correctly inoculated and dewormed.

There is also the possibility of inseminating the mare (costs for the owner) before picking her up again.

Because we think every mare needs personal attention, places are limited.

If you have any questions or want a price indication, feel free to contact us.

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